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When buying Amaryllis belladonna, be sure to ask for pictures of the actual bulbs to avoid purchasing the wrong plant. Many sellers sell with the incorrect name and images. See Picture two for proper Flower and bulb identification. Because of its similarity to Lycoris squamigera, many sellers (even nurseries) mistake the two plants.

Amaryllis belladonna is an amazing plant that produces clumps of bold, strappy leaves in fall and winter. The showy foliage dies down by early summer and bare stalks emerge after about six weeks – a surprising development because the leafless stalks appear to grow directly from the soil. These bare stalks are why the plant is often known as “naked lady.” Each stalk is topped with a cluster of up to 12 sweet-smelling, trumpet-shaped blooms in shades of rosy pink. Amaryllis belladonna is native to South Africa. It is definitely a plant that thrives on neglect.

Beautiful pink flowers appear on black/deep burgundy stems after foliage has died back, hence the common name “Pink Naked Ladies”.
This is the Amaryllis Belladonna SPECIES from South Africa – not to be confused with Lycoris, which has a similar growth habit but smaller blossoms. The best difference is that Belladonna will produce and reproduce by seed, while the Lycoris species is sterile.

Amaryllis belladonna performs best in climates with warm, dry summers. A location with a protected southern exposure is ideal. Plant the bulbs in well-drained soil, about 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30.5 cm.) apart. If you live in an area that receives a great deal of rainfall, perhaps try planting in raised bed areas – or along the Gulf Coast if you have sandy, fast-draining soil.

Site the bulbs just below the surface of the soil if you live in a cold winter climate. If you live in a climate where temps remain above 15 F, plant the bulbs so the tops are level with the surface of the soil, or slightly above.

For spectacular impact, plant amaryllis belladonna bulbs in groups of three or more.

Amaryllis belladonna is reliably hardy up to Zone 7, or areas that only receive light frosts. Mulch heavily in winter to protect from frost and freezes.

Orders will be shipped as dry bulbs. The more you order, the more you save, since the shipping price doesn’t change.

Common names: Belladonna lily, Jersey lily, Pink Naked Lady
Family: Amaryllis (Amaryllidaceae)
Scientific name: Amaryllis belladonna
Main flower color: Pink
Range: Coastal regions of California (non-native)
Height: 10 to 20 inches
Habitat: Grassy or rocky areas along or close to the Pacific coast, with chalky or sandy soils
Leaves: Linear, up to 20 inches long and one inch across
Season: July to September

We are a licensed Georgia Department of Agriculture Live Plant Grower. License #39793

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