Angel Wing Begonia ‘Lynda Dawn’ Cane Begonia 4″ Pot


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Pot your Angel Wing begonias quickly in at least a one-gallon pot – you won’t believe how fast they grow with a good potting mix in a roomy pot!

Begonia Linda Dawn is one of the easy to grow Cane-types Begonia with an upright growth habit, and makes a beautiful potted specimen. This beautiful Begonia has glossy green leaves with raised dots on the leave surface with red undertones, Foliage matures to a dark blood red with glossy red beneath and have red stems.

The Begonia Lynda Dawn plant needs bright but indirect sunlight. You want to use well-draining soil for the perfect balance. And the soil should always be moist but never saturated.

You will receive a well-rooted begonia in a 4″ Pot.

Cane-type begonias are some of the best-performing and easiest begonias to grow. … The most recognizable type of begonias are known as angel wing begonias. Native to Brazil, the plant grows on upright stems with interesting dotted leaves, unique colors, and a magnificent display of flowers.

Recommendations for growing success:

Light: Medium to bright indirect sunlight

Watering: Allow soil dry out between watering

Soil: Use a well draining soil

Humidity: Boost humidity during winter or if the tips of the leaves begin to brown

Repotting: Repot plant in the spring, if the plant becomes rootbound it will lose its color

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