Phlox subulata ‘Fort Hill’ Starter Plants 6 Pack


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Deep Pink blooms

‘Fort Hill’ creeping phlox will spread like wildfire in the landscape. Also known as Moss Phlox or Creeping Phlox, these tough little plants are incredibly popular spring flowering plants and are cold hardy – even in the north.

These beautiful deep pink spring blooms last up to 3-4 weeks mid-spring. Mature growth is around 12″ tall and spreads 2-3′. Landscape designers find this perennial to be very useful as a flowering groundcover, in rock gardens or cascades beautifully on a rocky slope.

Creeping Phlox has needle-like foliage. Creeping phlox blooms in spring and produces long, spreading stems, which become woody with age. These thicker growths cease to produce flowers over time and may be cut out of the plant to encourage the newer, softer stems that do bloom. In addition, the plant has a moderate growth rate and can get 4 to 6 inches high with a 3 foot spread.

We sell inĀ  six packs, but if you need a special order of flats (72) or half flats (36), contact us.

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