Variegated Pink Eureka Lemon Tree


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The pink variegated lemon is one of the most popular fruit trees for home-grown citrus. It provides lemons very quickly. And it is fairly effortless to grow. And pink lemons, WOW!

Variegated pink Eureka lemon is an ornamental treasure, both for its foliage and its fruit. The flesh of the lemon looks like a pink grapefruit; however, it doesn’t yield pink juice. The juice is clear with the ghost of pink in it and has an amazingly mild flavor. You could almost eat one of these fruits out of hand without excessive puckering. The variegated pink Eureka lemon tree is a medium sized citrus that translates well to container growing. It is suitable for gardeners in USDA zones 8 through 11 and was discovered around 1930. Northern gardeners can grow it in a container on casters and move it inside for winter. The leaves are striped with cream and soft green, while the fruit has classic yellow skin but bearing stripes of green vertically at intervals. Cut one of the fruits open and a gentle pink flesh meets the eye. Older fruits lose the striping, so it’s best to harvest the fruit while young.

Tree Pots will have Soil Moist Gel in package when shipped. Please remove as soon as possible. May be kept and grown in Tree Pots until roots emerge from bottom of pot if you wish.

One-year-old plants are budwood grafted on rough orange rootstock, staked and planted in citra-pots. ALL CITRUS IS GREENHOUSE GROWN. Please take care to acclimate your baby trees to their new environment. Protect from full sun and begin exposing trees to sun gradually. Variegated Eureka is a large lemon tree eventually reaching 12-15 ft. It is a beautiful and fragrant addition to your garden or landscape.


About our watermark on images: People have been taking our images and using them as their own. We do not generally wholesale plants, so the chances of you getting the same plants from another vendor is highly unlikely. If they had these plants, they could take their own pictures.


All citrus is certified by the Georgia Citrus Growers Association.

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We are a licensed Georgia Department of Agriculture Live Plant Grower. License #39793

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