Alocasia Kuching Mask large plants


Pick three cultivars from our Pink Collection for one low price.

Stem Cuttings – These are unrooted cutting for those who prefer to root their brugmansias themselves. Cutting will be woody, with lenticels, or “nubbies” for easy rooting. Cutting will be at least 3/4″ in diameter and at least 8 inches long.



This is one of the most beautiful alocasias to grow as a houseplant. With proper care, it becomes an excellent specimen plant.

Jerry’s Jungle Colocasia and alocasia are field grown and dug when you order. Plants will be shipped with a small amount of soil and moisture beads. The foliage is quite large and may be cut before shipping. Don’t worry, they’ll put on new growth quickly. Please remember plants are field grown and dormant in winter.

Alocasia Kuching Mask has deeply loped, dark green leaves with striking pale green veining.

Outside plants: Thrive in full sun to part shade; winter hardiness zone 8-11. This item is a PLANT, and will arrive with pots removed. Currently growing in 1 gallon pots.

Indoor plants: The plant pictured in the 4th pic is in our living room. It had to be moved outside as it became extremely large and quickly outgrew its space.

Kuching Mask is a vigorous grower and heavy feeder compared to most other houseplants. If growing indoors, make sure you have enough room to accommodate such a large plant. The plants can be kept outdoors in warm seasons and moved to a protected location if you live in Zone 7 or cooler areas.

The video, though a few months old and they have grown since this was made, give an idea of what Kuching Mask looks like growing in a shaded greenhouse. We feed only once a month to keep them a manageable size. This way the plants can be shipped or placed in a normal size car. Kuching Mask appears light green under these conditions. It is shown in the video with Colocasia Black Magic (Illustris), which is a smaller plant.

We are a licensed Georgia Department of Agriculture Live Plant Grower. License #39793